Zorg Biogas implemented a new biogas project 2.4 MW in Ukraine

The 3rd plant for the one Customer

Straw to biogas

Biogas out of straw and wooden chips with the new technology

Biogas plant at Ukrainian village Okny produced biogas out of maize

Biogas plant at Okny produced biogas

Pig farm produced biogas in Moldova

Pig farm Porco Bella (Cemisheny, Moldova) produced biogas

Dung to energy project in Kazakhstan

Poultry farm KURMA (Kazakhstan) produced the first 1 million kWh electric energy

New high load biogas technology

High load reactors are in action

Record 15,6 MW biogas plant produced first power in Ukraine

The biggest biogas plant in Eastern Europe located at Teofipol, Ukraine.

Attention fraud KAIROS!!!

FRAUD Ponzi project KAIROS

Zorg Biogas shipped equipment to poultry farm in Kazakhstan

1MW biogas plant to be soon near Karagandy

Rokytne biogas plant runs on maximum

In spite of the cold weather and rotten substrate biogas plants works and works really excellent!!!

Biogas to replace natural gas in South Africa

Specifics: steel tanks and giant gasholders

Biogas plant 2.4 MW started operation at sugar mill in Ukraine

First substrate fed into the biogas plant at Rokytne, Ukraine.

Emergency biogas help in Turkey

Customer from Antalya asked Zorg for help

Zorg Biogas renewed 350 kW biogas plant in Kazakhstan

Biogas plant modernised after 4 years in operation at Karasu town

Order for 1 MW biogas plant from EU

Zorg Biogas reports about the new order.

INNOVATION: heat-to-power

Zorg Biogas offers ORC. The new option converts heat to electric power.

Dry method biogas plant to treat MSW in Russia

Zorg reports about the new order for dry technology

Zorg expands to the 14th country!

Zorg is delivering equipment to Uzbekistan

125 kW biogas plant started up at pig farm in Ukraine

3rd in Ukraine Zorg's reference biogas plant is available for visitors

New 1.5 MW biogas plant order from Thailand

Zorg Biogas recieved its 3rd order from Thailand

Zorg Biogas signed Agency Agreement with Rothschild

Mark Rory Rothschild became ZorgBiogas's Agent

German farmers don't want to deal with German biogas engineering bureaus

Delegation of German farmers visited Ukrainian office of Zorg Biogas

Biogas market trends 2013

Inspite of the challenging situation in the global economy Zorg Biogas continues its expansion.

One more Ukranian pig farm to install a biogas plant

Pig farm in Turiysk, Ukraine, inked a contract with Zorg Biogas for 500 kWe biogas plant

Repowering of biogas plants – new service by Zorg Biogas AG.

Zorg Biogas commenced new service on improvement of old biogas plants efficiency

1 MW biogas plant is running on full in Slovakia

Zorg Biogas AG designed, supplied equipment and supervised biogas plant construction in Kamenica nad Cirochou, Slovakia....

Italy wants Zorg Biogas again and again

Azienda Agricola Green Farm from San Paterniano, Osimo, Italy placed an order for 999 kW biogas plant to Zorg

Biogas technology news: liquide feeding

More biogas due to hydrolize tank instead of solid bunker loader in biogas plants

Italian Tobacco chooses Zorg Biogas

Swiss biogas plant constructor to supply 999 kW el. CHP to Italy

Distillery be switched to biogas in Moldova

Biogas plant is under construction at Hînceşti's bioethanol distillery, Moldova.

Zorg Biogas AG constructed biogas plant in Turkey

Start of the biogas plant was very important. It's the first nation biogas plant.

Technology news: municipal solid waste into biogas by means of dry process

Zorg Biogas AG, a Swiss engineering bureau, started offering a new technology for municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling. Biogas plants using this method...

Second biogas plant will be built in Indonesia

Zorg Biogas started its second biogas plant project in Indonesia.

First biogas plant started energy production in Kazakhstan

29.10.2011 at Vostok village, Kazakhstan, biogas and power are industrialy produced first time in the nation history. Complete set of biogas equipment...

Discounts for AgriTechnica Fair visitors

The World's #1 biogas Fair. 13-19 November 2011. Hanover.

Zorg Biogas AG is going to acquire a German competitor

Zorg Biogas AG confirms the intention to buy some German biogas plant constructor. The deal is to be closed by the end o...

Russian pigs are not only meet and fat, but biogas as well

Construction of 2MW electric power biogas plant has been commenced at Glushkovo, Kursk region, Russia. Project is implemented by Zorg Biogas AG under...

Zorg Biogas AG comissions 1MW biogas plant in Slovakia

Construction of biogas plant has been commenced at Slovak town Kamenica nad Cirochou. According to the contract with Slovakian Customer, Zorg Biogas AG...

Cowpats will be converted into biogas and electricity at Peresadovka, Ukraine

As a feed stock biogas plant will use 60 tons per day of cow manure from local dairy farm and 60 tons per day of corn si...

Electricity from manure is produced in Latvian village Zemgali

03.06.2011 Biogas plant in Zemgali, Latvia, supplied first electricity to public grid under "green" tariff.

Rokitnyanskiy sugar mill will construct 20 MW biogas plant

Rokitnyanskiy sugar mill JSC and Zorg Biogas AG (Switzerland) have signed a contract for biogas plant design. Biogas plant will convert sugar plant wastes...

Zorg Biogas AG informs about start of design work in Lugansk region

The plant will process 60 tons of poultry dung per day. The project provides for the system of biogas purification to the condition of natural...

Biogas plant on silage will be constructed in Zhitomir region

The construction will start in spring and will be completed by the autumn 2011. Electric power of plant will be 1063 kW.

Zorg Biogas Ukraine will construct biogas plants in RSA and other countries

Zorg’s recent marketing efforts brought excellent results.

ZORG comes to steel digesters

The company have announced about coming to high-quality steel digesters.

ZORG’s innovation leads to 40% increase of biogas yield

Zorg announces about unique development in the field of biogas technology.

«Zorg Biogas Ukraine» will construct biogas plant in Indonesia

The company «Zorg Biogas Ukraine» has got a contract for construction of biogas plant for dairy farm in Indonesia.

Construction of biogas Energy Park for «BioEnergAgro» Ltd., Moldova

Biogas plant with budget of about 10 million Euros may become the biggest one in Moldova.

Biogas: Latvia and Ukraine together

In first day of 2010 the company «Zorg Biogas Ukraine» has got from EcoGen SIA (Latvia) two new contracts for designing of biogas...

The biggest in Eastern Europe biogas Energy park

In the Babino-Goshanskij sugar plant «Ovas-Tsukor» there has finished the project development stage of the biggest in Eastern Europe biogas...

In Latvia they will produce gas the Ukrainian way

SIA "EcoGamma" (Latvia) and «Zorg Biogas Ukraine» have commenced implementation of the project for gas production from corn silage...

Designing of biogas plant for pig farm in Pidgorneje village

The company «Zorg Biogas Ukraine» has launched an engineering project of the biogas plant for pig farm in Pidgorneje village, Dnipropetrovsk...

Projecting of biogas plant for the company «Zeleniy Gay» (Nikolaev region)

Construction of this biogas plant is a real agricultural breakthrough.

Agricultural company “Shevchenko” will take up biogas

Agricultural company “Shevchenko” will construct biogas plant in Kopachevka village, Khmelnitzk region.