High-load reactors

Zorg Biogas has the unique technology of high load reactors. Technology is specially suited for maize silage. What differs it from a standard biogas technology is that reactor volume is 2 times less. CapEx is 1.5 times less. Dry matter inside high-load reactor is 16%. In a standard technology dry mater is just 7%. Substrate inside of high-load reactor has such a high viscosity that 20 kg stone is afloat and doesn't sink. Only 2 companies in world have such a technology and Zorg is among them. It's the real biogas technology break-through.

High-load reactor (right)

High-load technology is real and operational. Zorg built the biggest biogas plant in the world with this technology at Teofipol, Ukraine. Electric power of the plant is 10.5MW. Raw materials are maize + enzymes.

High-load reactors at Teofipol, Ukraine