The mixture of enzymes, probiotics and microelements is an additive for biogas yield increase. Additives achieve considerable results at low cost. The main advantages of enzymes application are the increase of biogas yield from 25 to 40% without any changes in plant design, stability of the process and increase of methane content in the biogas.

Thanks to enzymes it is possible to get almost all the biogas out of the main digesters without a post-digesting stage. Biogas plant cost is 2 times cheaper with the additive. The Enzyme additive has been applied already for 4 years in 100 biogas plants and gives guaranteed increases of biogas yield from 10 to 40%. An example of this is a biogas plant where the biogas yield is 260 m3/t of corn silage is reached, that is 45% yield increase.

Daily consumption for 1 MW biogas plant is 1-2 kg.

Enzymatic increase of biogas yield