Feeder 200 m3

The Feeder is a large-capacity scraper chain conveyor with volume 200 m3. It has robust construction, the minimal maintenance and the extremely low power consumption (from 12KW connected load). The feeder is waterproof and very quiet (<75dB). Vertical container walls completely prevent bridging. With the flexible milling drum concept and guaranteed conveyance through the laterally guided scraper chain conveyor, a large number of substrate materials can be dosed. The flow rate is infinitely variable with a potentiometer. By means of an adjustable baffle clogging of the downstream conveyors can be excluded. The delivery of the substrate is metered in exact quantities. Professional workmanship and high-quality corrosion protection guarantee a long service life. At the delivery point of the dosing device is the milling head, which evenly mills and transfers them to a downstream transport device. The feeder is very good for big scale biogas projects using maize silage and sugar beet pulp

Photo. Feeder 200 m3 for biogas plants