Gasholders are used for biogas storage. It's mounted tightly on the roof of the reactor. The gas holder system has a double membrane structure.

The external cover dome is made of PVC and produced with special additives that are ultraviolet and precipitation resistant. Internal membrane, which is in direct contact with biogas, is made of a special material PELD. The internal membrane is stretched by the pressure of the produced biogas. Air is pumped between the cover dome and internal membrane so that it provides pressure to the upper side of the membrane and gives a spherical shape to the cover dome.

Biogas pressure inside the gas holder on average is from 200 to 500 Pa. The gas holder provides enough for 2-3 hours storage of biogas.

Photo. Membrane gas holder for biogas

Membranes are designed and cut using machines with numerical program control. Welding is performed using high-frequency current welding. This gives considerable advantages in quality if to be compared with membranes that are handmade and glued or welded by heating elements. The hermetic sealing in gas holder mounting systems are secured by pilot-operated check valves. For gas holder safe operation an excessive pressure valve is installed. Acrylic inspection holes and branch pipes are included into the scope of the gas holder supply.

Photo. Membrane gas holder for biogas