Production of electric and heat power on the bases of reciprocating engine is the main benefit of biogas. Electricity can be used all year round for the owners business needs or sold to the national grid.
1 m3 of biogas can simultaneously produce 2,2 kWh of electricity and 2,2 kWh of heat power. Advantages of co-generators to be compared to analogs are following:
- oil change at 2000 operational hours but not at 500 hours.
- high electric efficiency up to 42,2%, total efficiency electricity+heat up to 90%
- high reliability
Co-generator is the main part of the biogas plant and has most of moving parts.

Photo. Co-generation biogas power plant

• interval between complete overhauls is under 70 000 service hours;
• easy installation and operation;
• correspondence to international standards for toxic exhaust gases emission;
• securing of pollution abatement.

The main components of co-generation plant:
1. Internal combustion engine.
2. Engine support frame.
3. Generator (voltage 400б 10000 V, frequency 50 Hz).
4. Electric cabinet that can be equipped with stabilizer to avoid voltage jumps.
5. Engine cooling system with heat exchanger.
6. Container with sound insulation and ventilation system.

We use engines made in Germany and Austria

Photo. Co-generation biogas power plant