About Zorg

Zorg has been designing and building biogas plants, supplying biogas equipment, and completing installations worldwide since 2006.

Our team

Zorg Biogas has best professionals who have designed and built not only biogas plants but also sophisticated civil construction projects.

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Our offices are located in Munich and Zurich

Why Zorg Biogas

High-quality biogas equipment made in Germany
Experienced team of engineers and architects
Several superior biogas technologies
The only of its kind

We have something to be proud of

We built the largest biogas plant in Europe and the third largest in the world. Its electrical power is 26 MW!

Zorg Biogas is one of two companies in the world that has high-load reactor technology.

Our projects have been built and are in operation in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkey and South Africa.

We have completed biogas plants for various industries

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