How do we work

Zorg Biogas offers a complete turnkey approach to biogas plant construction from initial study to commissioning.


1. Concept development and research

Based on raw material data, we determine the energy potential, propose a technological scheme, and develop a financial model. Before designing a biogas plant, we inspect the site and conduct geological and topographic surveys.

2. Design and permissions

We design a general lay-out, detailed drawings of reinforced concrete and foundations, perform static calculations, design gas, water, and sewage piping, heating units and boiler rooms, and electric and power schemes.

We organize public hearings, obtain permits for construction and commissioning, green tariff licenses, and certification.

3. Equipment supply and installation

We negotiate technical specifications, organize storage and delivery of equipment. We support and control all stages of biogas equipment transportation: quality acceptance, loading, declaring, transporting, customs clearance, and unloading. We carry out the installation and bundling of equipment, electrical cabinets, and automation.

4. Commissioning

We commence equipment dry tests, tanks and pipes hydraulic tests, bacterial inoculum delivery, startup of biogas plants from zero to on-set characteristics, and training of operators.

5. Biological and after-sale services

Laboratory control of biogas plants. Adjustment of substrate loading / unloading modes, temperature regimes, and nutrient additives correction. Spare parts supply. Repowering and improvements of old biogas plants

We offer biogas plants for various industries

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