Biogas plants for chicken farms

Biogas plants for chicken farms

Chicken breeder farms produce dung. All kinds of dung are substrates for biogas production in biogas plants.


Features: bedding and ammonium formation

Broiler poultry farms raise poultry on bedding. But sometimes there is dung without bedding. In principle, a biogas plant for broiler poultry farms are similar to a biogas plant for egg poultry farms.

1 MW biogas plant for Kurma poultry farm in Kazakhstan

Equipment features

In the case of dung with bedding, it is necessary to install an additional chopper. The bedding can be very different: wheat and rice straw, sawdust, and rice and sunflower husks. In the process chain, a chopper is installed between the solid feed loader and the reactor.

To fight ammonium, acid is used, obtained by washing biogas in a water scrubber. The biogas passes through the scrubber. Hydrogen sulfide dissolves in water. Acidic water is pumped into the reactor. Thus, the scrubber performs two functions at once. It serves both to remove sulfur from biogas and to produce sulfurous acid to fight the ammonium.

Zorg Biogas team employs specialists with unique experience in the design of biogas plants specifically for breeder farms.

Zorg Biogas has its own experience in designing a 1 MW biogas plant for Kurma poultry farm in Kazakhstan and a 535 kW biogas plant for poultry in Tyrnova, Moldova.

To get a quotation for a biogas plant, please fill out the questionnaire for broiler poultry farms.

Zorg Biogas’s plants for this industry



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