Biogas plants
for maize silage

Biogas plants for maize silage

As an alternative to commercial grain production, agricultural enterprises can grow corn for silage specifically for the production of biogas and electric power. Biogas production is especially important for operations located far from logistics arteries. Farmers call electric power production as “sending grain by wires”.


Silage biogas plant

Half of the European biogas plants operate on maize silage or on a mixture of silage and waste. Maize is specially grown to produce electricity or biogas-to-methane.

It is believed that maize silage for energy occupies land that could be used for food. However, those who express such an opinion forget that in today’s Europe there is an overproduction of food. It is economically more feasible for farmers to produce energy than food, and no one is starving.

In Europe, growing maize to produce silage for energy production is the better financial decision. Across the world, the farmers, who do not have enough food, are usually growing grain.

There are several biogas technologies for maize silage:

  1. CSTR - Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

  2. HLR - High-load reactors

Fesibility and processing technologies

Biogas plant 1.2 MW at Okny, Odessa, Ukraine

CSTR - Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

In CSTR reactors the dry matter (DM) in the reactor is 5-8%. The dry matter is limited by mixers. The organic load is 2-5 kg ODM per m3 of reactor per day. That is why the reactor volume and number of reactors are big. And the capital cost of such reactors are high.

Biogas plant 10,5 MW el. at Teofipol. 480 tonnes maize silage /day. Each of HLR reactor 3800 m3 and gives 2,5MW electric power.

HLR - High-load reactors

In technology with high-loaded reactors the dry matter (DM) in the reactor is 16%. The high-load reactors are loaded 3-5 times as much as CSTR. HLR reactors are small and super-productive. The organic load is 8-15 kg ODM per m3 reactor per day. And the capital cost of such reactors is 1/3...1/2 that of the CSTR. HLR technology is particularly well suited for silage and large-scale projects with electric power above 2.5 MW.

For the operation of a 1MW biogas plant, 20,000 tons of silage per year are required. With a yield of 40 tons per hectare, the required land area is 500 hectares.

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